Growing up in Public (vyl8) wrote,
Growing up in Public

I am walking in Tragedy on the Catwalk . . .

I am walking in Tragedy on the Catwalk . . . . . .and I am probably the only person who has to solder their outfit for round 3. Which leads me to a somewhat funny story.

It occurred to me that maybe I could make my shirt out of a large circuit board from salvaged an old CD player. My first idea was to boil the board in order to soften the board to bend it into a concave shape. After about 10 minutes and inadvertently inhaling some fun cancer-causing agents, it dawned on me that most circuit boards were built to withstand extensive heat. Since the board was pretty much soaked and shot at this point, I just chucked it. Although I have once again brought myself closer to unexplainable dark patches on my lungs of whose likeness is often seen in those who work in 3rd world factories; I consider it a valuable learning experience all the same.

Which brings me to innovation 2: multiple circuit boards which I need to solder together. The funniest thing about it all is that I am kind of disappointed that I am wasting perfectly good circuit boards.

Besides this, I am working on some circuit bent toys I can actually affix to me. (The main concern though is how to affix the mini mixing board, effects pedals and possibly a practice amp to my back.) I am also making my own “walk song.” Too bad my good music rig is still down for the count and I will be faking it with this computer and it's not-so-musically inclined sound card.

Basically, I am showcasing all of my nerdy talents. Since the event is being filmed as a television pilot/series I thought that maybe I might be lucky and someone who needs sound effect work might see what I do and take an interest. I've never been one to seek fame or fortune, I am just looking to eventually be the guy (gal, actually) who makes the strange sounds for a living.
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I always want to go to the Catwalk Tragedy, but I can never afford it :(
Tell Voltaire I said Hello?
And I hope you have a great time, too! The outfit sounds awesome and I hope to see many pictures :)
Would it be easy to connect the circuit boards with metal rings? Like... punch a little hole in the edges and wire 'em together, maybe?
The boards have little holes in them were you install the caps and resistors. Since the boards are all the same and the holes line up, I am thinking that I should corset-style lace them together with thin wire and solder them secure for good measure.

I will tell Voltaire you said Hello.
That sounds amazing! I do hope you'll be wearing something underneath... it sounds like it will be quite itchy :)
yeah, hopefully I can figure out a way to line it. If not, it shouldn't be for too long.
You might be able to get scrap circuit boards from computer recycling centers. You'd have to fork out a little cash though, but not a lot. I'm not sure if buffalo has one or not, but there's one in rochester(

Obviously there are some health issues. If you didn't know already(but you probably do), boards do contain nice chemicals like arsenic. You might want to make sure your skin is not in direct contact with the boards for extended periods of time(especially if your wearing it as clothing that your probably going to be sweating in). It more than likely wouldn't kill ya or anything as it's a low amount, but it's probably not good for you.
Yeah, I was a little concerned when I was attempting to mold the old circuit board about how to line it. The smaller circuit boards that I have here are basically translucent board with the metal circuit lines. I am sure those aren't particularly good for me to have against my skin either, but hopefully I can figure something out as to not have it touch my skin (then again, I should not be wearing it for too long.)