Growing up in Public (vyl8) wrote,
Growing up in Public

Play until the gear breaks

Here is the tally of what Neitzsche’s claimed:
-One vintage faux pearl and diamond earring
-One violin bow
-Two knobs off my distortion pedal (which somehow made it through 20+ years and various previous owners unscathed, but could not make it through one harsh noise performance with me.)

Now imagine this:

Farthest stage left- a man in a dyed-pink wife beater and a ski-mask creating noisy bass tones (Ski-Mask), Farthest stage right, a man with a long beard wearing a silver veil over his face making harsh noise (Greggreg), slightly stage right and a little back, a boyish 20-year-old playing a violin strung with guitar strings so intensely he is ripping his horse-hair bow to shreds (David), and in the front, slightly stage left is a diminutive girl dressed to the nines in 1940s style clothing and jewelry, fiercely beating the hell out of a collection of circuit bend toys and pedals, rocking back and forth while violently stamping her feet (Me).

We were scheduled to play at 1:00am, but didn’t go on until about 2:00am. It went well and although it had no official ending time, we wrapped it up when we all began to notice that David was standing there, holding up his shredded bow and looking around, contemplating what to do now.

Since the last ride out of town long since left by the time we finished, I arranged to stay at David’s. We got back to his place around 4:30am, walking from Allen Street, where the club is located, to Putnam Street, where he lives. I woke up Sunday morning in time to catch an early bus out and drop off the last of the props at New Phoenix Theatre for the upcoming production. My eyes were swollen, I think from an allergic reaction to the make-up remover I used. Then I went home and slept the majority of Sunday away.

Woke up Monday and thankfully, my eyes were no longer swollen and my ears no longer ringing.
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