Growing up in Public (vyl8) wrote,
Growing up in Public

Looking forward to 2007. . .

There is an old superstition that says how you spend New Years Eve is what is in store for you for the rest of the year. But in the grand scheme of time, where you slap the mile marker which separates one year from the next is pretty arbitrary considering that there are at least half a dozen forms of calendars each dictating the new year begins on a different day. That being said, New Years Eve and New Years Day (which flowed into each other) for me was great. I spent the Eve in one house full of creative, interesting people, and went to another house, also filled with creative, interesting people (some whom I’ve known for quite a while) where I stayed until around 5pm on New Years Day. So as the superstition goes, if how I spent my New Years eve is indicative of the upcoming year, I have no complaints.

2007 is going to be a great year. I can feel it. Things have started to turn around for me. My life has become peaceful and I’ve grown pretty content with it. I’ve started to put the ideas I’ve had for the past few years into motion. And if all goes as planned, something big is going to happen in the spring.
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