Growing up in Public (vyl8) wrote,
Growing up in Public

At least the song is done.

I still have a ton of things to circuit bend, so it looks like I am taking the soldering iron with me to NYC. I hoped to have it all done and tested by this point, but it seems like little things always get in the way.

Well, at least I finished the track. I whipped it out last night and did some light mastering this morning. I would still say that this is at v1 stage, it isn't quite how I like it, but it will suffice. Generally, I prefer 1.5-2 minute tracks with multiple variations, but given its purpose, I had to make sure that it was slightly consistent. As a result, the track is bit more repetitive and drawn out than I usually prefer. I also wanted to make sure it was around 5 minutes with some lead-in time because I am not sure when the dj will cue it (assuming that there are no breaks in between contestants and it is a mix straight from one song to the other.) Let me tell you, because I work outside of standard song structure most of the time, filling 5 whole minutes is like dental surgery. It just isn't the way I think.

Here it is:

I used a real recorded heartbeat and same of breathing through a SUBA apparatus. I initially planned for the rate of both increase during the song, but found it was too boring. Plus if my toys short out, it would not be able to stand on its own. So I ended up making the heartbeat more irregular.

Oh, and here is a blast from the past. A picture of me circuit bending with a shitty cold iron (I prefer the traditional soldering irons, myself.) It was used in the first article I wrote for Alterati on circuit bending:
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