Growing up in Public (vyl8) wrote,
Growing up in Public

“United Kenyan Federation of Underwater Basket Weaving” and other ridiculous answers.

(alternate title: put the flat-chested girl into the finals.)

So back in July on a half whim/half joke, I filled out an application for Maxim’s “Hometown Hotties” contest. I gave some bizarre, whimsical answers to my bio, involving the dewy decimal system and underwater basket weaving. Lacking at least a foot in height and only sporting a 36B, I did not expect to even make it into the first round of a 1000 finalists. But here I am:

If you want, you can vote for me. If you don’t, that is fine too. But at least check out my bio. And if you are a music nerd, take a look at my favorite karaoke song. I think I am going to enter every year and see how outlandish my bio answers can get.
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