Growing up in Public (vyl8) wrote,
Growing up in Public


A book I ordered Sunday night arrived today in the mail. With it were complimentary bumper stickers from the person who sent me the book. One of the bumper stickers: “Eat a pizza with Satan”. Obviously on 06/06/06 it is an omen—but not because of the sticker, because something I ordered took only two days to get here being shipped via USPS media rate. TWO DAYS! The warning labels under media rate say to expect your book(s) to take 7-14 days and at times they’ve even taken up to a month to get to me. This must be a sign from the great beyond telling me to parade the streets and hand out “the end is near” leaflets.

Sadly, I ordered these three months ago “express shipping” in preparation for this grand 06/06/06 occasion and they’ve yet to arrive.
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