Growing up in Public (vyl8) wrote,
Growing up in Public

Fortune Cookies.

I’ve always liked fortune cookies, but I would have to say my love for them started when on trips to Chi-Town in Boston I would buy a pound of fortune cookies in a giant bag for $5.00 ($2.50 if you find the right place.) Since then I would say I developed an amusing “kitsch” attraction to them and became a collector of random fortune cookie paraphernalia.

A while ago I made a very simplistic mixed media piece out of old fortunes. Last night I framed and mounted this piece on foam board (photographed below without glass):
good fortune

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I’ve since put the glass in the frame and all I can say it will look stellar over this:

fortune cookie game machine

I just won it off eBay. This quirky weirdness will look great in the living room of my apartment (provided I can find one I like/can afford soon. If not it goes in my parent’s garage.)
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